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We are very specialized on residental real-estate investment in Pest City, focusing on both maximalizing rental-income and increasing value.

From the point you decide investing into any kind of residental real estate (from one apartment up to a rental building) in the city we go alongby with you, or we realize the full process instead of you:

  • inform you about market gaps (which kind of apartments are in lack of in which neighbourhoods),
  • selecting the apartment suitable to build fitting these market gaps,
  • realizing the purchase,- we keep it rented out,
  • at the point you decide to step out of the investment we go to the market with it.

Mannamax Ltd. works on sale and on rental.
Our associated partners, who we work tight cooperation with on a daily basis, are property management companies, lawyers, and a book-keeper office.

Property management (ppmgt): ppmgt companies are the heart of the organisation working on your investment. Since we work with some we gladly help you to choose one: after visiting your apartment and upon a personal meeting with you we check which of our partner fits to your apartment and also to your personal style, and we connect you to each other. Ppmgt companies are different, investors are different, we help you to find a the right one.

Book-keeping service: our partner bookkeeper company is specialized on real-estate investment booking for 2 decades so we belive you can get the best service (tax-optimalization) on the best price (12-18 €/month). They offer english language service.

Lawyer service: To buy and to sell your property you need experienced lawyers, we connect you to them, or we represent you by them.

Our special "product": invest into apartment with us to realize 7+ percent yield! For more infos please contact with Szabolcs Czobor:, +36 30 530 2675.

Investment sale: We offer unique located building sites and projects in Pest City for sale.For more info please take the contact with Tibor Csanádi:, or +36 30 941 4323.