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Our family owned company specialized its activities in central Pest side residental property market from the end of the 1990’s, when it started to take its part in the global real estate market.
We work together tight and efficiently based on our years long routine with our specialized and professional partner companies (developers, property management companies specialized on different market segments, accountancy, attorney) to complete each other services and finally to offer solution for any problem which our clients may faces.

We offer western standard newly-built and classical apartments for rent and for sale. We can realize marketing campaign for letting or selling new developments. Based on our experiences we can help developers, investors to get into final and detailed shape their projects, and face them to the present or expectable future market conditions.

We enjoy to go along the challanges of the realization of difficult and complex deals connected to grand real estates.

We are proud of being the professional consultant of the Budapest real estate search site: link: